To achieve accreditation, your organisation must meet at least three out of four CareWise criteria

  1. Collect information on how many employees have family caring responsibilities outside of work (this needs to be done at least every two years).
  2. Have a Flexible Work Policy in place as well as an auditable flexible work application process.
  3. Provide helpful information to employees to support their caring responsibilities.
  4. Demonstrate any other initiatives to assist employees who are carers, irrespective of gender, age and family circumstance.


Upon application for CareWise Accreditation, an audit will be carried out at your organisation by an experienced consultant to determine your level of compliance with CareWise criteria. If your organisation doesn’t achieve accreditation after the initial audit, it will be eligible for a review 6 months from the date of the initial application.

What you will receive after the audit

Your organisation will receive an independent Diversitas audit report with easy-to-implement recommendations for improvement.

If you meet CareWise Accreditation criteria

Your CEO will be notified in writing by Carers NZ. Achieving accreditation will allow your organisation to:

  • Use the CareWise logo in all internal or external publications including recruitment advertising
  • Be featured at Carers NZ’s website as a CareWise organisation
  • Be profiled in the CareWise editorial section of Family Care magazine as an accredited CareWise workplace
  • Be eligible to enter and participate in the upcoming CareWise awards (2020)