To be CareWise we ask that you

  1. Collect information on how many employees have family caring responsibilities outside of work (this needs to be done at least every two years).
  2. Have a Flexible Work Policy in place as well as an auditable flexible work application process.
  3. Provide helpful information to employees to support their caring responsibilities.
  4. Demonstrate any other initiatives to assist employees who are carers, irrespective of gender, age and family circumstance.


Pre-register your interest in being CareWise so we can get in touch when the programme launches in early 2020. You’ll be asked to:

  • Sign our CareWise charter committing to becoming a carer friendly workplace
  • Complete a self-check survey to see how carer friendly your workplace is currently
  • Receive advice based on your survey responses to help you be more carer friendly, if this is needed
  • Confirm you have made any recommended changes to be carer friendly

What you will receive

Once you’ve been confirmed as a carer friendly workplace, we’ll send you a CareWise certificate, and the CareWise logo mark to use in staff communications and recruitment advertising. CareWise workplaces are asked to review their carer friendliness every two years.

Other benefits of being CareWise

Carers NZ will send you:

  • Print and electronic editions of itsĀ Family CareĀ magazine, which includes stories about CareWise workplaces and advice for working carers and their employers
  • Regular campaigns and digital posters to print for your workplace, featuring CareWise messages about caring